Bastien Allard — Art Director at Locomotive® Montréal, currently standing-by in Lyon, France.

Personal work. ↴
Sometimes it moves if you check it on Dribbble.

clppng – Layout Explorations
Layouts Exploration ― Drumcell
Motion Exercise N°008
Contagious® — Motion Test
Type & Layout Explorations
The Orb — 1985
Pangrams ( Iterations )
(Motion) Pangrams №007
Constance S. Portfolio — Website
Pangrams №006
TypoCité — Store Concept
(Music) Pangrams №005
Millie N. Portfolio — Website
(Space) Pangrams №004
Pangrams №003
Pangrams №002
Motion exercise N°007
Pangrams №001
Motion exercise N°006
Motion exercise N°005
Motion exercise N°004
Motion exercise N°003
Motion exercise N°002
Motion Exercise — N°001
A Brief History of Techno Music
Kobe 24—8.
NS Festival 2020 Concept
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