Making stuff on a computer. 
Sometimes it moves.

I'm Bastien Allard, french Art Director working at Locomotive®.

           I'm a self-thaugh art director currently based in Lyon, France. I began my long relationship with graphic design in my teens when accidentaly downloading Photoshop 5, and never stopped since. My involvment in the early years of e-sport (with CS-Fusion, Esportsfrance and such) helped me build my passion for web design, building team's websites, creating covers and such. A time long gone. To this day, I still play a lot of FPS, just not competitively anymore.

           While being mainly focused on graphic design for years, I've learned web development and worked as a frontend developer for 5 years, to then focus only on digital art direction.

           I like to create personal projects, for fun. But here's one I'd like to develop into a real website some day. When the planets align.

Email me.


Playing video games FPS since 1995.

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